The Endgame

The Endgame

The Endgame

I think of these as the end days, and I try to keep my mind on all possible resurrections, even in the face of so much crucifying. Like fallen soldiers in a war I wish had never been fought in the first place, the decomposing bodies of all my unquestioned assumptions lie at my feet, and I feel called to bury them without fully knowing what will take their place. Even so, I hope to listen deeply and imagine a new world for myself and all beings.

I have long had a question about Karma. Everything I have heard up until the time a Divine Presence began speaking to me in 1994, said that Karma is a law of rewards and consequences, that we are here to learn certain lessons and if we learn them, great, but if we don’t we can expect to have done to us whatever we did to others. If we were murderers in one life, we may be murdered in the next. If we were generous and kind, we will likely come back into a life of peace and plenty. Kind of “an eye for an eye” spanning lifetimes. We reap what we sow until we learn to sow only the good seeds—something like that.

I never really liked that idea of Karma. It seemed rather unfair that human suffering could be attributed to misdeeds from lives we don’t remember, that someone is crippled now because they chopped off another person’s legs 500 years ago. But the idea that I need to become a better person in this life, that because I was mean to my friend in 7th grade or because I have thrown away food while other people are starving, I need to atone or face serious repercussions now and possibly in future lives as well—that idea, I’m sad to say, is a little harder to dismiss. We all say it—What goes around comes around. Better be Good.

And so I was relieved but also challenged when the Divine Consciousness that speaks to me said there is no God setting up obstacle courses, teaching us lessons and sending us back into the lion’s den if we don’t learn them. Karma, I was told, is not a system of rewards and punishments; it is a state of being in which we experience ourselves as separate from God’s Love and in that unconsciousness we are dominated by judgment that tells us we are either Good or Evil, Right or Wrong, Better or Worse. Old ideas of Karma reinforce these judgments. What I was told, however, is that we came here, not to graduate from Bad to Good but to leave that level of consciousness altogether, to leave the war between Good and Evil and merge with a Love that, by it’s very nature, does no harm inside or out, but only fosters the greatest wellbeing and fullest potential for all beings and all life.

Like so many of us, I have experienced that bigger Love in moments I call Grace. These moments do not come with reminders of all the mistakes I have made– all the times I parented poorly, said unkind things, hated my body or was jealous of others. The moments of Grace I know do not point fingers, even lovingly. They do not carry blame or demand repentance. They lift me OUT of that world; they do not plunge me further into it. They fill me so completely with Love there is no room for meanness, criticism, jealousy or hatred of anything or anyone.

I have to admit, I am a slow learner. I fall right back into self-judgment quicker than you can blink an eye. But it is MY judgment, not Spirit’s, which obscures the Light of that kind of Love. What I have come to realize, and what I think COVID, Trump, Partisanship, Racism, Sexism, Climate Change, WMD and War are here to help us see, is that what I do to myself in a world based in judgment of Good and Bad, is exactly what we do to each other in our global interactions—but with what are now lethal implications for us all. We seem to be running in circles, trying endlessly to stamp out Bad in others and ourselves in the name of Good, getting nowhere. NO SUCCESS. This may be the actual Wheel of Karma that now has humanity whirling like a top on the edge of a precipice, with COVID, Partisanship, Hatred, Greed, Climate Change, WMD and War poised to push us over.

I’m hoping beyond hope we find a way to LIFT each other up and away from that edge. I’m not quite sure why it isn’t the headline of every news report that there is no possible war on anything or anyone today that can be won. Why are we creating Weapons of Mass Destruction? Mass destruction is not a win! Mass destruction is very likely mass suicide.

But here is the dilemma I faced. What lifts us out of war are all the things generally considered to be Good– Love, kindness, caring, sharing, cooperation and peaceful conflict resolution. In the old view of Karma, Goodness was supposed to give us release from the revolving door of reward and punishment, a kind of spiritual graduation. But Good is still one half of the Duality of Good and Evil, and whatever our particular beliefs, we have been caught in a war between Good and Evil since human civilization began. The revolving door seems to be revolving faster and faster.

Well then, maybe I just do my small part at being the best person I can be, I say to myself. Maybe atonement is not such a bad thing if it has me say I’m sorry and try to do better next time. Maybe that really is all Spirit wants of me. Perhaps I should just focus on being better at being Good! But then I am painfully back where I began, in the battle between Good and Bad in my own judgment of myself!

And so I asked my Divine Source what I am not seeing about this dilemma. And the answer surprised me, as it always does. This is what They said:

The impulse to heal hatred with love, war with peace, greed with generosity, and selfishness with cooperation—this impulse is only one part of how you leave a world characterized by unending conflict and a Good/Evil, Win/Lose operating system. The focus on becoming what you call Good– more loving, giving, and kind, less violent, greedy, judgmental and self-centered– is only one step in the evolution of consciousness; it is necessary but it is not the end point. In this phase, the call to Love is the call to deepen, as never before, your understanding of the impact you all have on one another and on the planet. You are being called to see and experience that hatred, violence, selfishness and greed—and the righteousness used to justify these behaviors—is ultimately self-destructive and ultimately lethal for the human race. You are being called as never before to understand that how you now treat one other and the earth, on the basis of ego’s Good and Evil paradigm, is UNSUSTAINABLE. You are being called to hear the alarm and take action. UNSUSTAINABLE means Dead End, literally.

The principle of eat-or-be-eaten rightfully and naturally belongs to the animal kingdom and your human/animal nature. It is part of your instinctual survival impulse to take what you can and avoid being eaten at all costs. But you must understand that the particular ways you are driven, in ego consciousness, to eat from the human and natural worlds, is, in Reality, part of the End-Game strategy for human beings. This is new information. With all other life forms that do not have ego consciousness, and when they are not disturbed by human intervention, eating operates on a built-in system of checks and balances that creates sustainability, as you know. The survival of any predator is dependent on the availability of its prey. When the prey population diminishes because there are too many predators, the predator population diminishes accordingly. The planet Earth herself holds the blueprint for the maintenance and continuance of the life of her body in this way— except when it comes to human beings.

It is part of the Plan that you human beings will not hold to that balance, that ego consciousness by its very nature is driven by the desire for more than you actually need to survive. This inexhaustible desire for more has lawfully and thus inevitably, brought you to the place where you are by far an unequaled predator on the planet. And you are destroying your supply!

This is not bad or wrong. It is not Good or Evil. It is part of the Plan for humans that ego consciousness will by design RUN ITS COURSE. Ego consciousness was not intended to go on forever and it CANNOT go on forever. Like an engine that requires fuel, when the tank is empty, the engine stops functioning. It was part of the Plan for human beings from the very beginning that ego consciousness is a limited fuel supply. It is LAWFUL that you have reached this end-point, this place in the evolution of the species, where your present consciousness cannot sustain you—not because you have sinned or strayed, not because you have been Bad and need to become Good, but because this was the PLAN.

Many products humans have created have a shelf life. They are intended to be used within a certain time frame, and they are only good for that amount of time. As you are, you, too, have a shelf life. Your expiration date is soon. You will have to find different fuel if you want your engine to keep running—and this too, is part of the Plan. The fuel you now require is a different consciousness—soul consciousness, which is a consciousness of the Whole, a consciousness in which the part—you– knows itself to be one cell in the body of the whole and would not think of doing anything that would injure that body, which it depends on for its life.

So the surge of Love you see rising like a tide across the globe, does not emanate from a moral calling. It is the dawning awareness that you are all on this one boat (Earth) together, and that if one of you makes a hole in the bow, you will all go under. The human race is confronted with the unavoidable awareness that you actually need the cooperation of everyone to survive here. Unlike any other time in human history, global commitment to Love, caring, peace and cooperation, are your best and only hope for survival! And you humans, like all finite beings, are wired to survive! Animals in the wild can detect the slightest scent of smoke and they immediately run from fire toward safety. Whether you know it or not, human beings everywhere are beginning to sense the threats to your continued existence that are caused by the extremes of ego’s desire and ability to dominate and OVEREAT, which is destroying both human and natural habitats. Those with the keenest senses are trying to lead the pack to safety. While it may look at the present moment like a war between Good and Evil, what you are seeing is, in fact, the beginnings of awakening and the impulse, which was part of the Plan from the beginning of human existence, to return to union with all Life. 

This welling up of love and caring in countless forms is not, however, all there is to the new consciousness. It prepares the way by focusing on and nurturing your interconnectedness, mutual dependence for survival, and your power to impact the wellbeing of all life on earth. As We said, the human race is fast approaching the expiration date for ego consciousness. This is the blazing the fire you smell on the wind. And so, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, more and more of you are instinctively running for safety—which is in the direction of love, inclusion, cooperation, sharing, and restraint from violence, hatred, extreme competition and excessive greed.

So you see, you are not here to become Good in any traditional sense. Your boat is sinking, and you are called to be your greatest self to keep that boat afloat. When you look at Love through these eyes, you have left the world of Good and Evil behind and you are steering toward a New World you have yet to fully imagine. You are being drawn into total alignment with the Divine impulse to create the most abundant Life for All, and in that alignment, you don’t have to do penance for the past. You are lifted out of whatever Good or Bad you think you did or didn’t do. It simply is no more. This is not pie in the sky; it is not a Pollyanna bedtime story. It is where the tide is taking you and you can agree to swim with that tide or you can swim against it. But that is where the tide is taking you regardless. The human race is in the midst of an evolutionary revolution far more dramatic and life changing than when you first learned to walk upright. This is the Endgame and it is GOOD!


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