The Seven Chakra Energies

I received all of the following information about the Seven Chakra Energies from the Divine Voice that began speaking to me in the early ‘90’s. I knew next to nothing about the chakras before that time. All of this information is part of a much larger picture of how human consciousness was formed and the laws under which it operates. This description of the chakras is therefore carved out of a much larger whole which unfolds in The Road Home Series.


As Soul comes into embodied human form, it takes on what are called the Laws of Gravity—all the characteristics of ego consciousness. The purpose of this article is to give an introductory outline of just one of the ways the energy of Oneness separates into distinct forms in humans– the seven chakra energies.

What are the Seven Chakra Energies

The Breath of the CrossThe chakras are the energetic centers where the Seven Rays of Creation are held in the human body. The chakras both receive energy coming from outside and also transmit energy coming from within. They receive energies from other people, from the environment, from the Earth planet and from the cosmos. And they transmit the energies they carry in accordance with a person’s level of consciousness and particular path.

Each person’s path focuses more on some chakra energies than others, but it is important to remember that everyone is working with all of the chakra energies all the time.

Two Basic Types of Chakra Energy

There are two basic types of energy that can be received and transmitted through the chakras—ego energy and Soul energy. It is a condition of incarnation and not a human failing that we operate in ego consciousness most of the time. As a person travels the Road of Return to Oneness, the chakras begin to be cleared of dense ego energies and are “lit up ”with Soul energy. The chakras begin to receive and transmit a different vibration and different information—a different level of Being.

The following is a summary description of the energies held in each chakra. Some of the descriptions appear to overlap. It is important to remember that while each chakra vibrates with its own energy, in Reality they exist and function in relationship to each other at all time.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the chakra of connection to the Creator, to Oneness. It holds the energy of the infinite world in relation to the finite world. This chakra holds spirit to body for a finite period of time. It is the chakra in which all energies opposing Return and all energies seeking Return converge. When there is obstruction in this chakra, destructive or dark ego energies block one’s connection to the Divine and/or parade ego powers as Godlike, as seen in spiritual Teachers who exploit students for personal gain. When this chakra is awakened, a person is coming under the direction of a Master of the Light (not necessarily an embodied Master), and is becoming capable of both receiving and emanating from his being, the light of Oneness.

The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is the home of the Ray energy of Wisdom and Vision. On the ego plane, this chakra governs intellect and all rational disciplines, but is not limited to them. This chakra contains all the wisdom of the laws upon which your world operates—it informs all the sciences. The Third Eye, with its ability to formulate and communicate hypotheses, concepts, feelings, plans, etc., is primarily responsible for illuminating the “next step” as it were in any course of human events and development. Every new idea is generated through overcoming some previous obstacle or limitation of thought, perception or belief. Inventors of various kinds, explorers of the unknown on many levels, certain religious visionaries, and the most forward thinking intellectuals, philosophers, mathematicians, etc. work intensely with Third Eye energies on the Horizontal (ego) Plane. When there is obstruction in this chakra, you see learning disabilities, constriction of thought, rigidity of belief, refusal to accept new ideas or discoveries, reactionary attitudes and actions.

The chakra energy of intelligence can be used for manipulation of others through powerful thought forms and compelling illusions used to confuse, exploit, and dominate others. Cult leaders, some politicians, certain business leaders or others in positions of control, whether large or small, use this chakra to brainwash, silence, or otherwise have power over individuals, groups, races or nations. These are some of the very dense ego energies manifesting through the Third Eye.

In its illuminated state (lit up with Soul energy), the Third Eye holds knowledge of all the Laws governing ego consciousness and it also holds all the Wisdom of the Path of Return out of ego consciousness back to union with Oneness. When it is illuminated, wisdom of the whole imbues whatever individual path a person follows. An individual begins to see his part in the grand scheme of things. True visionaries in any and all fields of human endeavor have Third Eye energies that are becoming illuminated.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the chakra holding the Ray energies of communication, connection, interconnection and nurturance. On the ego plane, this ray energy manifests as the power of speech, of food intake on all levels, and connection to self and other. This chakra is most concretely involved with all issues of social evolution—the way humans connect or don’t connect with each other and the world around them. On the Horizontal Plane, this chakra informs the energy of those people whose lives focus on such things as singing, writing, oratory, art, cooking—communication, connection and nurturance in any form. When there is a high level of interference with the functioning of this chakra, a person may be withdrawn, lonely, alienated, have eating issues, difficulty nurturing self and others or being overly nurturing, have difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings or is overly expressive, have stuttering or other speech problems, to name only a few.

When the Throat Chakra is illuminated, it begins to reveal and communicate some aspect of the infinite interconnections and intersections of all circles of creation. This chakra also embodies the principle of Eating oneself and emerging anew, eating of ego as food for ultimate connection with and return to Soul and God. When the Throat Chakra is being illuminated, you see people who are communicating some aspect of Divine Wisdom, again– on whatever scale large or small (in ego’s mind, that is, for there is no large and small in Soul). You see people who are trying to feed the starving, emotionally feed the suffering, who participate in efforts to connect people, ideas, build bridges between different belief systems or philosophies, connect past to present, etc.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the center of the Ray energy of Divine Love. Love is the Supreme Teacher for the human race and therefore the Heart Chakra is the home of Teacher. Teacher is the principle of embracing and digesting all experience—inside and outside— without judgment. The Heart Chakra is where Divine Love enters into the whole system, flooding into all the chakras above and below. Without the entrance of Divine Love, there is no illumination of any real kind, no matter how powerful any particular configuration of chakra energies may become on the Horizontal Plane. The Heart Chakra is the center of your being. When it is lit from Above—all the chakras inside you can then be lit.

For the human race the heart is the center in which you first feel the existence of the world around you. Just as an infant hears and feels the heartbeat of its mother in the womb, so the human heart is the center that hears and feels the heartbeat of the Creator. Without this intrinsic connection, there is no coherency to the One Whole. This is a fact. It is Love in its fullest sense that brings life to the living, just as Water, which is the heart’s element in the natural world, brings life to the planet.

The heart is the center of Being. Divine Love is what lights the Fire of Return. That is why every meditation We give you begins with bringing Divine Love into the Heart Chakra.

On the level of ego consciousness, the connection is to all life, like the umbilical cord connects the infant to its source of life, the mother. Therefore, on the ego plane the heart will either manifest connection or it will manifest any and all of the emotions that disrupt disconnection—repulsion, hate, indifference, anger, rejection or ambivalence. But the Heart is not the center of those emotions per se. It is the center of love and attachment on all levels that ego can experience, and when it is blocked or suppressed or under the shadow of dark energies, all kinds of other feelings take over and keep love from flowing.

When the Heart Chakra is illuminated, the heart connection is to the human race as a whole and to the planet and to that force which gave birth to your journey, to Oneness. The Heart Chakra contains the principle of Teacher in your world; it is the chakra in which Teacher awakens. It is that place where all Circles of Being accessible to man intersect and become One. It is the chakra of Divine Love. When all the chakras are lit up with the Light of Soul and God, they merge in the Heart Chakra and become One.

The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is the chakra of Divine Will manifesting. On the Horizontal plane, it is the chakra of the will of ego. It also holds the Ray energy of Form, of building, the creation of forms, and the accumulation of data, thought forms, and learned behavior patterns. It is the chakra associated with the bodily form—your body and the Earth body. It is the chakra par excellence of ego, because it holds the energy of ego’s will, its motivating power and drive.

On the level of ego consciousness, people governed by Solar Plexus energy are often those responsible for implementing the major developments, advances and everyday workings of agriculture, architecture, engineering, therapy, medicine, business, science, sports, and other disciplines. When this energy is blocked, you find people who have either great difficulty asserting their will, who are dominated by the will of others, or who are overly assertive at the expense of others. You also find people who have tremendous difficulties manifesting their ideas, visions, and goals, who can’t keep a job or who are unable to act on their ideas and dreams or who try to stop others from manifesting. People with addiction issues, debilitating emotional issues, people who are incarcerated, or disabled may have profound blockage or disturbance of this chakra. They have great difficulty employing personal will for their own wellbeing and/or the wellbeing of others.

As Soul energy begins to light up the Solar Plexus, you see the movement from individual ego to group consciousness, in action and in awareness. You have those people who are responsible for the major advances and developments in such areas as organic or cooperative farming, alternative and holistic medicine, the building of cooperative communities, therapies and spiritual disciplines that explore the connection between body and spirit, socially and environmentally conscious business endeavors, and work with global forms of communication and global transmission of information, for example.

On the illuminated side, the Solar Plexus is the chakra that is the home of the Will of God manifesting. As this chakra is illuminated, the Will of Soul and God shines through action and implementation of form and structure on the physical incarnate plane.

The Naval Chakra or Second Chakra

The Naval Chakra or Second Chakra is allied with the Ray energy of Fertility, the generative power of the Universe, from the tiniest egg to the power of the In-breath and the Out-breath of God. This chakra is the center of the Two becoming One (like the Yin-Yang symbol). It is the center of Masculine and Feminine energies (not sex per se, although sex operates under the laws of this chakra), the forces and powers of assertion and reception as they inform and determine life in your universe.

When this chakra is functioning on the level of ego consciousness, it governs either the struggle or the union between masculine and feminine energies, between males and females, between domination and submission. It focuses on mothering, fathering and parenting in general. It accentuates and energizes the power play between those in charge and those subjugated on any level of personal or social functioning. When it is most blocked, you have marital strife and relationship conflict (personal, group, national and global), abuse, racial prejudices, addiction in all forms, political terrorism, exploitation, and war, to name only a few possibilities.

When the Second Chakra is illuminated, you have the energies of peace, harmony, cooperation, balance and union influencing and determining experience. You have balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies of assertion and receptivity within and without.

The awakening of this chakra manifests as the creation of organizations like the UN (no matter how ineffective it might be), international conferences and peacekeeping operations, the development of couples counseling, child abuse programs, addictions programs, mediation, work with prejudice and exploitation of women and minorities and work on the de-rigidifying of gender roles, expectations, and stereotypes.

In its illuminated state, Reception and Transmission of Divine energy are united into a state of Being, which We call the I AM of God.

The First Chakra

The First Chakra at the base of the spine holds the Ray energy of Destruction/Creation, Birth and Death and Rebirth, Darkness and Light. There are many Souls in body today that have the First Chakra as a primary chakra informing their journey through lifetimes. Some of this will be explained later. For now, let Us say that the Ray of Destruction/Creation is central to all manifestation in finite form, obviously. You have chosen an existence that is finite.

In ego consciousness, the First Chakra holds the energies of Destruction/Creation but in Oneness there is no Duality. Nothing is destroyed. Destruction and Creation as you experience them are conditions of life in body. A body is born and a body dies. But on the Soul side, the form simply changes. The energy that manifested as a body goes somewhere else when the body ceases to be. In Oneness, you might say, there is only constant change, transformation, as the In-breath and Out-breath of God IS.

However, for you in form and in an ego state of being, the experience of Destruction and Creation is very real and has a very powerful gravitational hold on your perceptions. On the ego plane, humans love to wield the power to both create and destroy. They love to play God in this sense. And that is lawful. It is what ego was intended to do. You might say it was intended to develop all its skills. You would not have the societies you have and the advances you have in helping you survive if this chakra was not fully activated to create in the ways it has in humans. The other side, obviously, is that you also have great potential and capability to destroy form on the incarnate plane.

People specifically working with the First Chakra, are often dealing with tremendous energies of destruction and creation in their personal lives and/or in great societal upheavals. They may experience multiple losses, suffer from abuse, experience wars, natural disasters or plagues. They may be self-destructive or they may become the abusers, rapists, terrorists and crucifier themselves. On this Ray you find some of the most powerful perpetrators of genocide and religious and racial persecution and you also find the victims of their destructive power.

On the creation side of the First Chakra, you see people who are tirelessly championing human rights, activists for endangered species, environmentalists, or people who very quietly in their own lives are devoted to helping others, or even saving themselves from the jaws of their own personal destructive forces–poverty, addiction, depression, rage, despair. You have artists, musicians, writers, and creative expression in endless forms. You have those who support the arts and creativity. AND you have the people opposing their efforts. The possibilities are endless. People who have experienced great destroyer energies often find healing in creativity. There is an internal draw to move toward the opposite force of the duality held in this chakra.

On the illuminated side, when the fire of Return is lit in this chakra (lit by Divine Love, as We said above), you have the beginning of the burning up of all illusion on the ego plane. You have the increased ability to see all the opportunities to transform pain to Love, Darkness to Light, and Death to Rebirth. As this chakra becomes illuminated, you have people that are working for peace, reconciliation, global understanding, cleaning up the earth environment, disarmament, tolerance of differences of all kinds. Again, the possibilities of manifesting light through this chakra are endless and different people will manifest differently according to their Soul Paths.

The First Chakra also governs another very important energy– the energy of Burying/Unearthing. You bury your dead, so to speak. You bury secrets you don’t want anyone to know, to the point at times where you can’t remember yourself what you have buried. Whole cities, civilizations, and landscapes have been buried under water, volcanic debris, mudslides, avalanches and the sands of time. Countless varieties of now extinct life forms have been buried and preserved in mud, volcanic ash, petrified in rock, frozen under glaciers. It is not accidental that in your current age of civilization there is the technology and the curiosity to uncover what has been buried on many levels. There is intense interest in buried memory and the unconscious. There is a fascination with uncovering the creation and evolution of the earth itself and all the life forms on it in an effort to understand your origins, your place in the cosmos, and in order to better understand how to survive in your present age in your present condition. This is not accidental. It is a signal of the activation or awakening of this chakra globally.


You see, the Earth itself is on a Path of Return and therefore the energy of Soul Calling You Home is actually Global and beyond global in origin. This call of Soul from Oneness is what has initiated a great Fire in the First Chakra of the Earth (much more to be said about this later) that is influencing the entire human race beginning with the First Chakra, and rising up through all the Seven Chakra Energies. The energy of Return is unearthing ALL that has been buried.