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The Chakras – Part five in a series

Chakras—A Piece of the Map Part IV Chakra Energies As I have said, all of the flowing information was told to me directly from a Divine Presence and it will be explained in much greater detail in The Road Home Books to come. The chakras are centers of energy that...

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The Chakras – Part four in a series

The Chakras—A Piece of the Map Part III Earth Chakras and Rays of Creation There is huge overview of the chakra energies that gives a fascinating panoramic perspective on the individual chakra work we can do. My understanding from the Divine Source that has informed...

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The Chakras – Part three in a series

The Chakras—A Piece of the Map Part II I didn’t know much, if anything, about chakras back in the ‘90’s, but not long after the writing began, I saw a vision of a meditation that depicted the chakras very clearly. I painted this picture of what I saw. The vision shows...

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The Chakras – Part two in a series

The Chakras—A Piece of the Map Part I A piece of the Map—who can say this? All I can tell you is what I was told, which is that the information I was given was one piece of a Map that moves on to infinity. I imagine it is a very tiny piece. Perhaps it is all I am...

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The Chakras – Part one in a series

Intro to The Chakras— A Piece of the Map There was a time in my life when understanding that I was a product of my upbringing was nothing short of revolutionary. Something like discovering the earth is not flat after all, like there is no real edge I am in danger of...

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