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A Light In The Darkness

The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness is the Bible of our times. In the most extraordinary way, the wisdom of this book has me fall in love with the human condition, with my own journey of darkness and light and gives me endless compassion for every Soul walking the planet. If some teachings are the Voice of God, Leavitt’s book is the Heart of God. When The Road Home becomes the focus of every Sunday School and Bible Study, the world might finally begin to know peace. I can’t say enough about the miracle this work is.

Isabella Konold

Performance Artist and Writer

I’ve been deeply immersed in the process of awakening my soul and elevating my consciousness for over fifteen years and have read hundreds of authors during that time. Phyllis Leavitt’s book The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness instantly jumped to the top of my list. It’s beautifully written and overflowing with profound and relevant insights that can and will transform your life. If you want answers to life’s biggest questions, read this book.

Paul Rossano

The Road Home is a visionary, unflinchingly honest tale of one woman’s journey from the dark to the light. It’s a knockout of a book. Phyllis Leavitt’s spirit shines in her lyrical prose. Whether stunningly evoking the pain of a difficult childhood or sharing the heights of profound truth, Leavitt captivates us with her awakened mind. This book is unique, at once soothing, challenging and enlightening. How lucky we are that there are more books to come!.

Anne Lewis


I’m on page 110 and had to stop while I’m feeling this tremendous sense of gratitude for what you have written. You have put my own experiences into the words I had been unable to find. I am literally moved to sobbing tears. Just know that this book is the greatest gift.

Aggie Damron


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