All Pain Is Soul Calling You Home – Show #2

All Pain Is Soul Calling You Home – Show #2

All Pain Is Soul Calling You Home


Monday, May 16 2016, 10:00 AM Pacific

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The title of this program describes where my journey started, yet little did I know that all the pain in my life would bring me to a profound experience of God, as it has for so many people. God came to me in the form of a very distinct presence that spoke to me as I wrote in my journal and told me what my Soul was doing in these very difficult experiences of Phyllis Leavitt. I was lovingly shown that my Soul chose everything I was going through for the purpose of creating light in the darkness, and that we of the human race both chose and were chosen to make an epic journey from the darkness of ego consciousness to the light of Soul and reunion with Oneness. That perspective (and the directions that evolved over time of how to make this journey) gave powerful meaning to the pain in my life that up until then had felt so senseless and unfair.

These are some of the highlights discussed in this second radio show:

— As a society we tend to judge pain and try to repress and deny it, compensate for it, medicate it away, or project it onto others. Soul sees all pain as the raw material of our evolution, the straw we came to spin into gold.

— God showed me that my pain was the doorway to my Soul, that I had to go through it and understand it in this new way in order to fully find my Soul, much like in psychotherapy one has to work through the conditioning of the child self to heal the wounds still causing distress in the adult self.

— Contact with Soul and God lights up the darkest places first, the places where we are most blocked, stuck, unable to embody and experience our true essence. And this is a gift, not a curse.

— It is exactly our greatest difficulties that we came here to transform for ourselves and for others. The themes of our greatest challenges—to love, connect, be fully expressed, to be safe and find peace, to learn new things, etc.—our personal themes are humanity’s themes. All the work we do to transform the difficulties of our own lives and light the light of Soul within ourselves is a contribution to the Souls of all humanity and all life forms.

— Pain is a signal that we are leaving the safe zone of our existence. Just as physical pain alerts us that we are ill or the body is getting too cold or we shouldn’t put our hand into a fire, in the very same way emotional, intellectual, and “spiritual” pain are also intended to alert us to the fact that we are leaving the safe zone of our psyche’s existence.

— As a race we have, to a great degree, learned to take pleasure from pain, and especially the pain of others. Because of this, we often don’t interpret or act on these signals or return to safety, but move farther and farther out into destructive and potentially lethal psychological climates.

Pain is the absence of Love. Pain is a signal that LOVE is needed. It is a call for help that we have left the safe zone of our existence. And what will bring us most surely back today is Divine Love lit within our own beings.


Phyllis Leavitt, The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness

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