Finding the Teacher in Every Pain, Difficulty and Challenge – Show #3

Finding the Teacher in Every Pain, Difficulty and Challenge – Show #3

All Pain Is Soul Calling You Home


Monday, June 6 2016

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Continuing the theme of All Pain is Soul Calling You Home, this third radio show explores the idea that one of the most immediate ways to hear that call is look for the Teacher in all experience, rather than evaluating experience in terms of right or wrong, good or bad, or judgment of any kind. This is the new principle and concept of Teacher that we are uncovering.

— Our greatest pain, challenges and blocks, as well as our gifts and talents, hold the key to what Soul came here to manifest through us, just as we are.

— We need those challenges—they are the food for the journey, the fuel for the engine of our personal transformation

— This new principle of Teacher is not Teacher as in a specific guru in the flesh, though that may be a part of one’s path. It is the principle of Teacher residing and knowable in your own experience of yourself, exactly as you are, not some “perfected” version of you.

— It is not Teacher not in the sense of “I have been selfish—I have to learn selflessness, or I have been bad and now I have to learn to be good.”

— It is Teacher in the sense of what does my Soul have to show me, “teach” me, about where I have been most blocked to the Light and Love of God shining within me and through me. So that I can find my way Home to God sooner, and so that I can be a light of Love in the world, not because I need correction or have done something wrong.

— Exploring a specific example of this in everyday life

— The related principle or symbol of the Pearl—how the irritation of our ego consciousness and personality experience is exactly what we came into body to transform into Soul Consciousness and Soul Love, like the oyster needs the sand to make a pearl.

We tell you to worship yourself, bow down to yourself, see your Teacher as yourself. Love the darkness you find in you as much as you love the light.

Your life, EXACTLY as it is, IS THE PATH YOU ARE ON. THIS is the only path to follow. THIS is the only path that will take you where your Soul is longing to go.

Your personal feelings, your difficulties, your challenges and your greatest talents and gifts, are YOUR personal teacher. You NEED your own particular issues as a road map through experience.

Phyllis Leavitt, The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness


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