Distinguishing Ego Consciousness from Soul Consciousness – Show #4

Distinguishing Ego Consciousness from Soul Consciousness – Show #4


Monday, June 20 2016

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When I was in a Gurdjieff group back in the late sixties and early seventies, we were all trying to “wake up” out of unconsciousness because it was uncomfortable, unsatisfyingly repetitive, and often painful. Materialism, conformity, and fears of insecurity felt like a prison we wanted to escape. For me and for most of the people I knew, waking up out of unconsciousness was about me living a better inner life that was hopefully connected to some version of God.

Our world has changed drastically since then. While I believe the Path always begins with ME waking up out of my own unconsciousness, we no longer live in a world where we can safely consider only our own personal wellbeing, our own personal spiritual evolution, as the end game. In fact, spiritual evolution, according to the Divine Source that came to me, is not about me ultimately at all; it is about me evolving consciousness through myself in order to be of Service to all beings.

My Divine Source talks about ego consciousness (what I think Gurdjieff was referring to as being like a slug!) now being the single greatest threat to our survival as an entire human race.

In the fourth radio show, we begin to explore the urgency of understanding the nature of ego consciousness so that we can undo its grip on our psyches and on all the ways it is threatening life on Earth for us and so many other life forms. We begin to explore the laws under which ego consciousness operates. The first law of ego, or what They call the Laws of Gravity, is called the Law of Duality. We talked about how ego consciousness is, among other things, run by a constant tension of opposites—Love/Hate, Good/Evil, Right/Wrong, Pleasure/Pain, Masculine/Feminine, Domination/Submission, etc. And that we are always judging experience through the lens of which half of any given Duality we think is better or worse… And we never all agree. Which leads to unending conflict…

We explore the idea that one of the ways to begin the journey out of ego consciousness is to see all experience—internal and external—as our greatest Teacher, as exactly what we incarnated to learn from. And the learning is not about judgment of any kind. It is learning to transform our own consciousness in relation to WHAT IS, rather than struggling with what we think should be. Teacher in this sense shows us the obstacles in ourselves to becoming more receptive to Divine Love and Wisdom and so that we can express that Divine energy in the world—which is the true healing energy. This is the very beginning of working our way out of Duality—the very beginning.

Taking apart our own ego consciousness and seeing how it works, — exploring all the Laws of Gravity–so that we can UNDO ego’s hold on our functioning, is a huge part of why this Divine Presence spoke to me in the first place. And it will be the subject of many future radio shows.

As individuals, communities or nations, some of you will go on trying to stop or prevent whatever you consider destructive acts. Of course you will. This is basic survival. But what We are trying to tell you is that there will be no resolution on this level. This PLAY of Good and Evil is an inherent part of your ego existence. The way out of this Play is to leave ego consciousness. That is what We are trying to tell you. That is what We came here to help you learn how to do.



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