Public Speaking

Phyllis is available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of subjects, all of which come directly from the information she has been receiving from Divine Source since 1994. Among these many topics are:

  • The Law of Eating: Black and White Magic in the 21st Century.  Phyllis discusses Adam and Eve, healing the great Masculine/Feminine Divide, and Pleasure and Pain from a totally new perspective.
  • Past lives as a blueprint for our Soul’s journey.  Phyllis provides an understanding our roles in the Play of Consciousness evolution through all our lifetimes, and the vital relationship of past lives to present day psychology.
  • Soul evolution through Chakra illumination. Phyllis discusses the illumination our own chakras, the Chakras of Humanity, and the Chakras of the Earth, and the vital interconnection of all three.
  • The Path of Supreme Surrender. Phyllis discusses a Chakra-focused teaching utilizing a previously unknown mediation practice called The Breath of the Cross Meditation, which opens the door of consciousness from the personal to the planetary and beyond.
  • Pearl Formation.  Phyllis discusses how pain, uncertainty, loss, disappointment and fear (the sand inside our shells) provide the exact raw material needed for the creation of Pearls of Soul Consciousness: the transformation of ego pain into Soul Love.

Contact Phyllis by phone at 505-670-2933 or email

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