OnTheRoadHomeBlog#35 Redemption Song

OnTheRoadHomeBlog#35 Redemption Song

In 1995 I was told to go into nature because the Earth wanted to speak to me. I found a little stream in Tesuque, New Mexico, and I was told to stand in the water. Immediately the Earth spoke to me. She told me she was crying for the wrongs done to her body as I had cried for the wrongs done to mine; she cried for the return of her brother and sister human beings in consciousness. We were not meant to travel this whole way alone, she said; it is time for us to return to our oneness with the Earth. This, she said, was my initiation into Earth consciousness. This is, in fact, the first initiation for humans—a return from the extremes of separation from ourselves, each other, all living kingdoms, and from the planet as a whole. Baptism, she said, is initiation into the Soul of the Earth consciousness. And the Soul of the Earth, she said, is the Christ Consciousness.

We humans, she said, are not on a solo journey to our own personal enlightenment. We’re not competing for entrance into Heaven and we don’t get raptured up because we make ourselves pleasing to an angry, judgmental God. We came here to earth together because Oneness asked us to and because we agreed to make this epic journey from separation to reunion. And we return together. That is what Earth told me. We all return together.

Everything I have learned since then about how to clear the density of ego’s illusion of separation from own being and allow Divine Love in, ultimately brings me right back down into this exquisitely beautiful yet terrifyingly confusing, and sometimes just plain terrifying, Earth plane. How do I stand in this firestorm of hatred and inhumanity that is searing its way across my country and not be burned alive? How do I keep my heart of compassion open and not absorb the Darkness? How do I carry this Cross and redeem Love? That, as I understand it, is exactly what Jesus did. That is now our challenge. That is now our work.

Soul answered my question. We stay right here and we do everything in our power to turn over the tables of the moneychangers, give to the least among us, and be an unwavering witness to Soul, to LOVE, and to Oneness in the world. Being a revolutionary is not being aggressive; it is carrying the Cross of humanity and transforming pain into Love without apology.

…Those last two words—without apology—somehow say it all for me. The Darkness would have us believing that speaking Love is weakness and makes us less safe. Speaking Love is what Jesus did. Being Love is our only safety.


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