#OnTheRoadHomeBlog, part nine in a series

#OnTheRoadHomeBlog, part nine in a series

A New Place on the Road

Well, here I am. My book #TheRoadHome : A Light In The Darkness is “live,” and I’m in a new phase of the journey now. Now I’m no longer writing that book (though I am writing Book II)– I’m putting it out into the world. I’m talking about it.

What would I want to tell you first? I guess I want to tell you this. I am a psychotherapist, as you probably know by now. For many, many years I was a client myself. I was very deep in a very dark place. I had very little hope, if any, that I would ever get out of that abyss. I was terribly lonely, I had massive anxiety, and I believed I was absolutely fated to spend my life in that condition. When I was about 10 years old, I stood in front of my bedroom mirror one day and talked to God. I distinctly remember my words. I said, “If I am going to have to be alone all my life, you’re going to have to show me how to survive, because I don’t think I will make it.” I was 10 and already I believed I would live in the agony of aloneness for the rest of my life. I don’t know where that came from. It was always just an irrefutable fact.

Although I became a “seeker”– I was in my late teens/early twenties during the sixties—I never for a moment actually believed I would make my way out of that darkness. I felt fated to keep seeking but never finding whatever it was I was looking for—which really was Love—Divine Love, human Love, any Love.

I lived as if I had hope when in reality I had none. Eventually I went into therapy with someone who held the light for me that I was unable to hold for myself. It was an incredible gift. It was the bridge that helped me walk safely through my greatest fears. And then God found me in 1994 and spoke to me clearly, lovingly and wisely, and after that, the light on my path came form within.

So this is my first actual blog about #TheRoadHome : A Light In The Darkness. I’m starting by saying that THERE IS LIGHT TO BE FOUND IN THE DARKNESS. It found me and I believe it can find us all.

So many clients have come to me over the years in exactly the same hopeless condition I was in—believing in the possibility of Light, but not for themselves. In The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness, I have been given the most incredible opportunity to share my experience that not only is the Light truly here for us all, but there is an emerging knowable path we can follow that is different from anything I knew before.

I sound like a missionary!! I sound like someone proselytizing on a soapbox about the Coming of the Lord!!! Ugh!!! No! I can’t sound like that!

But you know what, I don’t know how else to sound.


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