#OnTheRoadHomeBlog, part eight in a series

#OnTheRoadHomeBlog, part eight in a series

Conversations With God and The Back Office

Once I began organizing my author website with a professional, I got initiated into cyberspace in a new way. I’m still not sure where my web design and all its contents are located. My brain simply cannot conceive of the “Cloud” or come up with any identifiable “place” where cyberspace is. And yet, every part of our existence, including my personal website, is now stored there, and I can hit a button on a keyboard and “login” to a limitless warehouse of information.

I suppose it’s not really that inconceivable. Somewhere out there in cosmic cyberspace, in the world beyond form as we know it, there seems to be an infinite store of Love, Wisdom, Power and Compassion that, at certain blessed moments, we humans have been able to login into and download. “Where” that information comes from isn’t even a question at those moments. The sheer magnificence of what comes off that “Cloud” defies ordinary logic. It is obvious where it comes from.

As you probably know by now, my book is about a very long and detailed conversation that God had with me, starting back in 1994. Mysteriously, the door to the Back Office opened one day, light shone through, there was a Welcome sign over the door, and I was taken inside. While the “template” was an incredibly precise and detailed conversation that imprinted itself into my conscious understanding, the experience itself was way beyond words. I was taken through a previously unknown passageway in my brain to another dimension where the laws governing our existence here in human form were laid out not only with incredible clarity, but with an attending vibration of Divine Love.

That “conversation” has taken me on an amazing journey—scary at times, continuously confronting, unbelievably illuminating, and overall the best gift I ever could have received.

As far as my literal website goes, I have yet to enter the Back Office, the mysterious machinery that controls uploads, downloads, revisions and deletions. Though I do want to learn how to do some of the web work myself, honestly, I‘d rather to leave that to the web master. And in all seriousness, if I were to pay someone to run my literal website for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. And I don’t think we necessarily have to or even can do everything ourselves. Sometimes it’s just a great blessing to have help.

But the symbolism of the Back Office is what really calls to me. How far am I willing to go into the Back Office of my life? How much do I want to know about the workings of my human existence and how much responsibility do I want to take for the evolving templates I choose in which all the revisions, additions and deletions of my own experience take place? While it may be a blessing that I can get away with not learning the Back Office of my website, it isn’t even viable anymore for me to be ignorant of the Back Office of my life here as Phyllis.

The door to that Back Office was opened to me in 1994. I went into the “Cloud” that is beyond but not separate from form, where there seems to be an infinite store of Love, Wisdom, Power and Compassion that, at certain blessed moments, we humans are given the password for and we can login. I was told that what I was being given was a Map, but that I still have to make the journey.

The web designer takes information off the ‘Cloud” and manifests it as a webpage that works.

My life did not work, not really, until I got into that cosmic Back Office and received the Map that was so generously shared with me. What the Map reveals needs to be manifested in my life, just as all the information in the “Cloud” has no value unless it can be accessed and used.

That’s the Road I’m on, the road to manifesting some infinitesimal speck of the ALL that I received. I’m one little traveler, not very far from Start.

I still need my web designer. I still need my Map. I need it every day as I travel this road “to the end of the Road that has no End.” I want to share the Map with you. So in my future blogs, I will begin to dive into all that it contained.


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