#OnTheRoadHome Blog, the first in a series

#OnTheRoadHome Blog, the first in a series

The Road Home We Walk Together

Back in the sixties it seemed like spiritual growth was a solo practice– my meditation, my relationship with the guru, my spiritual experiences that I could save up like money in the bank for my one-way trip to Nirvana. Now in my sixties, that view of spirituality seems childish– but of course, we were pretty much children back then, so no blame. I’m not saying I’m fully grown up now either. I still want to have my great moments of Divine connection. But unlike the child I was in the sixties, who could really do no more than take for herself as much as possible just to survive her own distress, the grown up me knows it’s not about me and my journey. It’s about US and our journey.

So I can’t help but notice now, when I am out shopping or walking through the airport– I notice how automatic my judgments of other people still are– too fat, too buff, God your makeup is awful, where did you get that outfit? And how automatic my judgments are of myself– I wish I looked like that, I’m nobody, an invisible grey-hair to the world… How superficial my thoughts are and how instantaneously I distance from myself and the entire human race when really, what I want with all my heart is to Love everyone like the Divine loves us.

So I catch myself and I remember that inside every single person, every Republican and every Democrat, every schlump and every princess, every bigot and every saint, there is a heart and a soul and a story and a road they travel that I will never know. And I try right then and there to love my separateness away.

There’s no more solo journey. I get it. When I finally felt a flicker of God’s Love inside me, I knew it was for everyone. We’re all out in the desert together looking for water. Theoretically that’s easy enough to embrace. Practice is the rough road I travel.

This quote from The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness (soon to be published), sums it up for me:

You are all players in the same play and you are all going Home when that show is over, when God breathes the worlds back into Himself. Whose role in the great unfolding of karma will you judge? Whose hand will you not take on the long road ahead? Whose baggage will you not help carry on the Road Home?

We all go Home together.

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