#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty-seven in a series

#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty-seven in a series

Climate Change: Part II 

This afternoon I had my first major freak-out since the election. Perhaps it took me this long because I have had a fever for most of the past week. Or perhaps I have just not been able to absorb the enormity of this earthquake in the ground I thought was more secure. I saw a headline about some of the people being chosen for this new government and I totally fell apart. Torn between the need to know and the equally powerful urge to know as little as possible, I nevertheless went on to read one more blurb on Facebook. It was a letter the ACLU published as a full-page ad in the NY Times, addressed to the new president. The letter basically said that the ACLU is standing ready to take on human rights violations with everything they have.

I don’t know what happened to me in that moment. I have read countless articles about people rising up everywhere to champion minorities and women and climate change, and I have been heartened without a doubt. But suddenly, for the very first time in my life, I felt that someone actually had my back, that I wasn’t standing all alone and defenseless before Goliath. I felt it. I know conceptually and I know spiritually that we are in this together. My writing from a Divine Source talks about how we make this epic human journey from separation to Return, from ego back to Soul and Oneness, together. I know this and I believe this, but I could not have known until the moment I read that article that I have never really felt it. I suddenly experienced myself connected to all the people I don’t know who are out there listening to their deepest human compassion and taking action in all the ways I cannot, all the ways I am not personally called, and all the ways no one person can embody on his own. I felt held and supported in a way I have perhaps never allowed myself to feel. After all these years of walking what has seemed like a very solitary road, I know myself now to be truly part of something.

In the oddest way, that sense of isolation had left me feeling solely responsible for the human condition, like I was carrying the crushing weight of human suffering all alone. Suddenly today I know that I am being carried. That while I am only one very small part of the enormous shift in consciousness I have been talking about all these years, I AM PART of something rising up in people everywhere. My writing calls it Christ Consciousness.

And so my major freak-out turned into a major breakthrough. The psychological Climate Change all around me precipitated an urgently needed shift in the evolution of my own consciousness, and, like the force of a meteor hitting the earth, it could not be stopped from having its evolutionary impact. And I am so grateful.

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