#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty-one in a series

#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty-one in a series

Modern Day Crucifixion

This is taken from a presentation I gave on April 2 of this year at an event in San Diego called Goddess Rising.


Many years ago, I heard this story. In the rubble of a Nazi concentration camp, the corpse of a man was found, one hand still clutching a crumpled piece of paper on which he had scribbled these words, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

This story always brings me to tears. This man did not hate. In fact he LOVED in the exact way that calls to me now. He died LOVING. He died loving his enemies. He died Christ-like. I want to LIVE that way.

So how do I BE in the face of so much intolerance, hatred and violence in the world? Who do I want to BE in the face of Donald Trump, ISIS, a school shooter, Monsanto? These are some of the Crosses I feel nailed to today.

The Divine Presence that spoke to me back in 1994 told me that my pain is actually the doorway to Soul, not an obstacle, and that the whole human race, all of us, are on an epic journey from ego consciousness to Soul Consciousness, from Darkness to Light. It said we are ALL on that Road Home together, that we all Return together—not me ahead of you or you ahead of me. Together. So I am on that road together with Isis and the school shooter. How do I make sense of this? How do I embrace this? How do I BECOME like the man dying that horrible hate-inspired death, and still Love, in the face of so much suffering at human hands?

And then my Divine voice talked about Jesus on the Cross and Christ Consciousness.     

You don’t have to like what people do and you don’t have to “forgive” in the ordinary sense. You don’t have to be silent or selfless and you don’t have to “take the high road.” Instead, use everything that comes your way to fuel the power of Soul Love and Soul Wisdom to manifest through you. This is how you “love your enemies.” In this way, it is impossible to NOT love others.

And then God says —

It is very interesting that you see the Crucifixion as such an amazing event when in fact you crucify each other daily. What’s the difference between what you do to one another and what Jesus experienced? The difference is this– Jesus knew himself to be the Son of God. But We are here to tell you that you are ALL the Sons and Daughters of God and the Crosses you carry and are “nailed” to are great transformative opportunities just as Jesus’ was.

The Crucifixion is the symbol of the transformation of humanity’s ego pain into Soul Love. Jesus did not come to save you from “sin” because there is no sin. There is only unconsciousness. There is only the Sleep of Forgetting. He came to tell you that you, too, can transform the Crosses you carry and believe you are nailed to into a resurrection of your own.

When you ask to Love as Jesus did, you open the door to Christ Consciousness rising in YOU. And that will take you wherever Soul wants you to serve. So do not be afraid to Love in this world that longs for love more than anything else. Remember: any one individual or group you meet may not be ready to receive Love, but the planet as a whole is crying for Love. You can always speak to the Soul. The Soul is willing, even if the ego is not.  

I can’t help but think we are all being called to that Big Love, to up our game, do our own work, evolve our own consciousness, and be the voice of that Love like never before.

Probably like you, with human pain at heart-wrenching levels globally, I wonder what kind of world my children and grandchildren will inherit. And then I remember that my own pain was the doorway to my Soul. And so my prayer is that OUR pain will open the doorway to our collective human Soul. Soon.

And so, the nameless man who died with that crumpled piece of paper in his hand—today he is my Jesus and I breathe him into me. I want to LIVE the way he DIED.

And it is SO not easy.

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