#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty in a series

#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty in a series

Soul Evolution and Getting out of the Fight

I am beyond heartened to see that many, many people are thinking the way I am thinking—that you cannot fight hatred and bigotry, intolerance and violence, without engaging in the very same energies you hope to diminish. I hear more and more people coming to the same conclusion I have come to—that the most powerful force for change, for human evolutionary growth, development and survival, is the voice of one’s Soul in the world with othersthat violence is NOT calling us to war but to Love. And greater violence is calling us to greater Love.

I did not realize when I decided to write my first book, The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness, that I was being called to Love within my human community. Back in the mid 90’s, I received the amazing gift of a Divine Voice speaking to me about our Soul’s journey within our very human forms. But I was unable to do anything with that material for many years– I was consumed by my own challenges. I had to work through enormous self-doubt and overcome tremendous fear of having a controversial voice in the world.

It is coming up on a year since I published The Road Home: A Light In The Darkness. It was a breakthrough experience to finally put the gifts I had kept secret, even from myself, into book form. Many things have transpired since the book came out, not the least of which is this: once your book is published, it is time to talk about it! You can’t hole up in your office writing forever, no matter how profound the connection might be to your deepest truths in your own sacred space. The time comes when you have to say, “Here it is. This is what I have written. Please read it.” You not only want others to read what you wrote, you want their Souls to vibrate with your Soul.

And they may… or they may not.

You hold your breath while you keep on breathing through the next encounter with someone you told about your book. And then somehow you pass that hurdle, too, because you will get every kind of response imaginable, at least I have—from heartfelt tears of recognition to total and complete silence, nothing. And so you learn to breathe through wind and fire and under water if you have to, as well as breathing deep and free on all the open, welcoming planes.

And then you realize something calls to you that is even bigger than finding those Souls that vibrate with your own—which of course you do want, and you do find. And it is like manna from Heaven when you find them– don’t get me wrong. You know you are keeping the promise of what you were born for. But you also realize that something timelessly steadfast and unwavering calls to you from beyond all those others, and that is the Source of what caused you to write your book in the first place, that place inside that is both you and not you, that place inside that simply wants its voice before you die. You know that is what you were born for, and that Source becomes inseparable from your love of Mother Earth and all your fellow travellers on the long Road Home. This new understanding unfolds its awkward limbs inside you like a gawky teenager, a bit embarrassed, but hopefully showing the first signs of adulthood nonetheless.

And that is the bigger Love I now see on the horizon, the Love of my own Soul calling me to pick up not only my own bags but also those of any others I meet—which I now know is everyone’s—on the long Road Home.

What does this mean? It means I have to tell you I wrote my book and I am writing Book II and Book III and more books. It means I have to tell you what’s in those books, and you are free to have any response you want. I mean that.

The Road Home Series

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