#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty-eight in a series

#OnTheRoadHome Blog part twenty-eight in a series

Rewriting the Story of Jesus and the Crucifixion: Part I

Very soon after a Divine Voice began speaking to me back in 1994 about what my soul and all our souls are doing here in these human forms and human experiences, I began hearing very specific messages about Jesus, the Crucifixion, and Christ Consciousness. Although all of this material will be included in The Road Home Series books, the information is scattered throughout as different themes emerged. Because all the material on Jesus and the Christ Consciousness is particularly relevant to the very challenging times we live in, I am devoting these next several blogs to the view of Jesus, the Crucifixion and the Christ Consciousness as it was told to me by the Divine Presence that first spoke to me in 1994.

To start with, I was told that the Christ Consciousness and Jesus the man are two different things, that Jesus the man embodied the awakened Christ Consciousness in human form for a very specific purpose at a very specific time in history, but that the Christ Consciousness is something far greater than any one human being.

Just as you and I might be considered individual beings with a soul and a path we follow through all our incarnations as we make our way from separation to Return, so too, They say, the Earth is a being with a body and a path and a soul. And the Soul of the Earth, They say, is the Christ Consciousness. Just as our individual souls inform and direct our journeys but are not limited to one incarnation, the soul of the Earth Being, the Christ Consciousness, informs the Earth Being but is not limited to the Earth Being. And, as we humans are all a part of the Earth Being, we, too, are a part of the Christ Consciousness. This consciousness is what we forget when we descend into ego. The path of Return to Oneness, of waking up from the Sleep of Forgetting, can be called the path of awakening the Christ Consciousness within us.

Jesus the man was a pure embodiment of the Christ Consciousness (without ego), who, contrary to popular opinion, did not come to Earth to save mankind from sin, proclaim himself to be the only Way, demand allegiance or send the disbeliever to Hell. The appearance of Jesus signaled Return, awakening, on a planetary level. His appearance marked the beginning of the last phase of the journey of the human race, that phase in which the Christ Consciousness would be awakening for all. While Jesus the man embodied Divine Love and Wisdom that was experienced by many of those who walked with him, his Coming to Earth at that time brought the Fire of global initiation to humanity.

What does this mean? It means that his Coming signaled the time when all of humanity was to enter the Road of Return, that our journey through ego consciousness is coming to an end, that our sense of ourselves as separate—as individuals, sects, nationalities, races and as a species—is lawfully coming to an end. And that the Fire Jesus brought would heat up the abrasiveness of ego consciousness—which is the consciousness of separation and division—it would heat up the abrasiveness of ego to the boiling point, to the point where, as a race, we would see that ego consciousness is no longer a viable option for survival, that our survival depends on the evolution of our consciousness back to soul. Or, in other words, our survival depends on the awakening of the Christ Consciousness, a consciousness of the whole, within ourselves.

There is no Second Coming in the form of one individual. The Second Coming is the rising or the awakening of the Christ Consciousness within each of us, all of us. However, while the man Jesus knew this, he also knew what his Coming would create for humans. He knew that the story that would be told about him and about his death would be a powerful instrument of heating up ego consciousness to that boiling point… to be continued…


The Road Home Series

For the audio recording of the talk I gave on this subject at Unity of Taos, go to www.unityoftaos.org

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