#OnTheRoadHome Blog part thirty-three in a series

#OnTheRoadHome Blog part thirty-three in a series

Mother Earth is Calling Us 

A few weeks ago, while my husband and I were driving north and I was looking out the window at the beautiful Colorado scenery, suddenly the heart of Mother Earth called to me and I was filled me with tears. Only a handful of times over the years has the veil between Earth and myself lifted and I was allowed to hear Her call, but it isn’t hearing the way we usually think of it. It is the experience of an exquisite reconnection with Her– Her conscious cosmic Love vibration sent directly from Her Heart of Being into mine. At the same time, I felt deep sadness for how out of balance the human race is with Her, how we are in so many ways an ill organ in Her body and don’t seem to understand the incredibly delicate interdependency of all the elements in Her body that are needed to sustain life—just as in our own individual bodies the cells, organs and tissues have to function together to keep us healthy and alive. At that moment of reunion I knew myself as one tiny cell in the enormity of the full Earth Being, and She told me that just as our own bodies are wired to heal, the Earth Being is also working hard right now to heal her own body. She told me that what is needed to heal Her and bring us into the right relation to Her, may look like great upheaval, but from a whole Earth perspective, with which my own consciousness was somehow allowed to merge, I could see that it will not be destruction but true healing, and that we are now and will always be, perfectly okay within this enormous perspective.

I was released from the illusion that we are the center of the universe and Earth is ours to possess. Very distinctly I heard these words– “The Earth will right itself.” The implication was that there will be huge changes coming, but I felt no fear. “The Earth will right itself” felt deeply comforting, positive and hopeful as Earth showed me that we are all being held, right now, inside the enormous container of Her Being and that it is a Divinely healing embrace, even if we don’t know it, even if we don’t want it. I am so grateful, Mother Earth. Thank you. Stay with me.

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  1. Richard jenkins

    What I heard here was that the earth is our mother and she will not abandon us🙏🏻. Thank you Phyllis 💜


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