Earth’s Cry

Earth’s Cry

Earth’s Cry Blog #39

I watched Michael Moore’s new movie Planet of the Humans last night. He exposes many disturbing facts behind the myth that “green energy” as it is produced today could even begin to save our climate. The film is sobering, alarming, but also, hopefully, yet another powerful wake up call for us to shift the axis of our consciousness, beliefs and actions. It made me think again of an experience I had many years ago, when I was told to go into nature and listen for a message from the Earth. As I stood in a small stream in Tesuque, NM, I heard what was for me then a most unexpected communication, which could not be more relevant today. This is an excerpt from what I heard Mother Earth say:

“I am crying as you have cried. You see, just as you are Soul, the bird, the bush, the sky and the light on the water– all are Soul. I, the Earth, am Soul. I cry for the return of spirit. I cry for the wrongs done to my body as you have cried for the wrongs done to yours. We are traveling the same road.

We were not meant to be separate, you and I. I ask you to stand in my flowing water as one invited into the veins of my heart’s blood, flowing from the very center of me. You stand in the water to feel and hear my heart beat and read it and write it. I am lonely for my brother and sister human beings. We were never meant to travel this whole way alone. You were never meant to be without me nor I you.

You see, ALL IS SACRED. The water is sacred, the dirt, the rocks, the plants– all is sacred, holy, a temple unto itself. The Earth, I, am one of the most beautiful temples of God ever manifested. You are to see and feel each atom as a sacred manifestation of the Creator. Live in this.

When you are immersed in Water, OUR RIVERS FLOW AS ONE. Your consciousness becomes one with Our consciousness. Human consciousness merges with Earth Consciousness.

You see, We all Return TOGETHER. That is why We cry out to you today to hear Our call. WE ALL RETURN TOGETHER.”

This message seems to come from every angle today– we’re not on a solo journey Home to God or Oneness. The Earth is truly calling out to us to know our togetherness with her and with all life, just as we are calling out to each other for help, for love, for cooperation and restoration. Michael Moore’s movie puts Earth’s cry on loudspeaker.

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