Be Both A Witness and a Participant

Be Both A Witness and a Participant

This is a beautiful message I received recently as I was asking for how to be in these very intense and often scary times.

Now more than ever keep your soul’s calling in the forefront of consciousness. By radiating the greatest light you are capable of, you make your contribution to the Path of Return for all beings. That is how you play your part in the evolution of human consciousness. Speak and manifest your highest truths. It is all unfolding according to a Plan bigger than any one person can see, but We are not indifferent to human life on earth, as you well know, and therefore We participate along with you in this time of Return. In a sense you are watching what unfolds while you play your part. You are holding light in dark places and you just go on holding that light no matter how dark the darkness appears at any given moment. This is what you were born for, all of you, this great convergence of forces that appear to be Dark and Light in battle, but in Reality they are the labor pains of the Birth of Soul Consciousness, meeting the resistance of the density of the ego plane, and rising up through it.

The most important thing you can do is hold the light. There has to be a possibility to move toward. It sometimes seems the only possibility is to do battle with darkness in order to to throw it off, and as We said, that is understandable from an ego point of view. But when you link the desire for freedom from darkness to a felt experience of Light, of Love, and connection to what is life-giving, the energy of moving through darkness is then not governed by ego aggression but by soul’s power. Soul power does not attack anything. It fills hatred with so much love that hatred disappears. It fills darkness with so much light that darkness is no more

When a baby is being born, you don’t give up half way through because the labor pains are so intense. You know the baby is coming and you persevere and you push and you bear the pain. Use this analogy. Soul is being birthed and the labor pains are great. Hold to the vision of a healthy baby being born. By holding that vision in your mind and heart, you make a natural, powerful boundary that will keep lower level ego energies out. Speak it to yourself and it will more easily come out of your mouth. Feel it in your heart and it will manifest in your actions. In this way you can hold WHATEVER happens in any given moment.

The biggest myth ego ever told itself is that it is in charge. It needs this story to do what it does, but as We have told you, the expiration date on that consciousness is now. The shelf life for that level of being is coming to an end. You also are not in charge. It is one thing to know this in your mind and another to live it in consciousness, where you are both witness and participant at the same time. In this consciousness you focus on what is yours to do within the context of All That Is. You focus on the part your soul came here to play on the Road of Return. In that consciousness you learn to be with What Is, Surrender to What Is, and transform the energy of All That Is within your domain, for the highest good and speediest Return of all beings.


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