A Path Through The Wilderness

A Path Through The Wilderness

In Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Intention Experiment,” she describes part of a study in which the intention to “restore the natural order” was sent by a group of focused individuals, to cancer cells in a test tube. The goal was to see if such healing vibrations could kill them. Although healing energy is not usually associated with killing, the energy of this intention was to restore health to a body in which the cancer cells had broken away from the natural order, not killing per se. The instruction of the experiment was to link the intention of restoring the natural order to a specific request—in this case it was to restore the natural order to all but three cancer cells in the test tube. Compared with the other types of directed intentions in the study, this particular one proved the most effective in actually rendering cancer cells un-viable.

I understood “natural order” to mean an original state of wellness, a condition so powerfully healthy that cancer could not survive in that medium. I immediately thought of sending an intention to restore the natural order to the heart of humanity, with the specific intention of having Trump leave the White House peacefully and without inciting violence.  Suddenly I had a new way to channel my deep desire for peace, cooperation, and healing of all the divisiveness and hatred in this country without adding to negativity or fear. If I visualize his energy as a cancer growing in the psyche of the American people, I can send the energy of restoring the natural order to our human environment, with the specific request that our collective psychological health and wellbeing becomes so strong that the cancer of division and violence cannot survive here, and that Trump in particular leave peacefully and find his way.

Something I learned from my Divine guidance long ago is that although it may appear we are headed for an epic battle between Good and Evil, we are not. We are experiencing the labor pains of the birth of a new consciousness, of Love and Wisdom rising up in the hearts and minds of people everywhere, and doing the challenging work of pushing through all the resistance of ego and division in the process. Our job is to hold the vibration of that new consciousness no matter what. Guidance tells me that Love and Wisdom do not do battle with Darkness but in their presence, Darkness disappears (like the cancer cells in the experiment). Focusing on the intention of restoring the natural order to humanity has given me a prayer and practice that I come back to now, even when fear comes up in me that present day Darkness is still more powerful than the rising Light, and especially when that fear comes up in me.

And fear does come up. The intensity of the darkness we seem to be pushing through may be the most worthy opponent mankind has ever had to face, because it is global. It takes everything I have at moments not to feel powerless, not to question if the energy of my personal intentions has any real impact. And yet I believe it does. For one thing, it has a definite impact on me– on my state of mind, my heart, my body, and on the ways I interact with the world around me. I know I’m not alone. I know you are out there, too, doing your best to raise the consciousness of the human race in the ways that call to you, so that we can all be restored to our natural state, which may, in this present age, be a state we have never attained before, a state of conscious cooperation with all of life and not just our immediate circles. I hope so. I pray for that.

This is a prayer I was given many years ago called The Prayer For Redeeming Darkness. It has new meaning and power for me today. This prayer embodies the most all-embracing, all-loving, and completely non-judgmental approach to healing our wounds and evolving our consciousness I know of.

The Prayer For Redeeming Darkness

God and our attending Angels, the darkness of all ignorance of You is now removed. Your Divine Love and Wisdom rain upon us, healing and clearing  the soil of all our incarnations, restoring, rejuvenating, revitalizing and reclaiming, transforming and illuminating our entire journey, from the Sleep of Forgetting to the moment of our Awakening, and all along our Ascending pathway Home to re-union with You, with our true soul nature, Divine Love and the Source of all Creation.

The seeds of all our souls are awakened now. They grow stronger within us every day, shining Your Divine Light and radiating Your Divine Love all around us. And the Darkness, having fulfilled its purpose, is returned to the source from which it came, blessed by You and by us, for the Highest Good and Speediest Return of all beings. Amen

And this is from a very recent message I received from the Divine.

There is a group of souls called The Keepers of the Map that carry a continuity of consciousness of the Plan for humankind from one incarnation to the next, and that consciousness abides no matter what unfolds on the ego plane of human existence. These souls carry a thread that cannot be broken. They hold the Map and the Plan for humanity energetically within and around all manifestation, like a lifeline to what is Real in the turbulent seas of the ego consciousness. The greatest meaning and purpose for human beings in this lifetime is found in aligning with this energy and finding your own place within that energy. 

The work is to hold steady in the light, to radiate a vibration that opens the doorway to the return of the Christ Consciousness to humanity. This is a loving, illuminated vibration that can be sent out, with intention to heal. You must understand that the Keepers of the Map, who held the highest vibration of Light around Jesus at the time of the crucifixion, held illuminated energy around the Romans as well. They held that light for all humanity, for all the parts in the Play. It is easier to accept, perhaps, that they held that Light around Jesus, but the truth actually is that they did not hold it so much for Jesus as with Jesus, for the sake of the great unfolding of all that was intended to follow his appearance.  

So now, in similar fashion, the work is to hold that Divine Love vibration today, not only around all those being crucified but around their crucifiers, too. That is the only way out of Duality. It is the only road out separation consciousness. This is the ladder of Ascension you climb, often called the steep and narrow.

The Keepers of the Map did not protect Jesus, you see, because he did not need protection. They amplified his energy. They were like an chorus of light radiating from the center on the path of evolution of the human race. So when you think of sending the energy of restoration of the natural order to Trump, for example, you send that energy in his direction, to and through him, to the restoration of the health and well being of the whole body, which is humanity. You are not trying to kill him off in that sense. The restoration of health and well being for humanity will eliminate the possibility of that kind of energy flourishing. But no matter what appears to be happening at any given moment, hold that energy and radiate it unfailingly, because that is what you came here to do. There will be a Return to Divine Love.There is a Plan.




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  1. Bear

    I love the message of returning everything to its natural order. Love is so powerful. I must not forget that. ???

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