Back in the mid 90’s when Divine Source began speaking to me, I didn’t have any concept of a Plan for myself, let alone for humanity. It was not until I began plumbing the depths of my sub-conscious at a time of great pain that I was allowed to see the vital interconnection between myself, the whole human race, and the Earth planet we humans inhabit as one of her many kingdoms. It was not until then that I realized that the confines of ego consciousness leave us believing we are all little islands floating mostly untethered in the sea of humanity, with humanity itself sometimes appearing as its own little island floating alone in a vast, and very possibly indifferent universe.

Divine Source tells us something entirely different—that the Earth is a Being with a Soul, that the Earth, too, has its own chakra locations and energies that are connected to and informed by Rays of Creation that exist outside time and space. It tells us that the Earth is living Being on a path of incarnation, evolution and Return to Oneness, just as we humans are. In fact, we are not separate from Earth’s Body and Soul in REALITY, but we have to find our way back to Reality to see this because this is not what we are led to believe in our ego consciousness.

Urgent Next Steps in the Plan for Humanity

In The Road Home Series, I share all I discovered about the profound interconnection between the awakening of our own Souls and Planetary Return, how to link the evolution of our own consciousness to the highest good of all beings and the Earth itself—not just in theory but in practice. We are being initiated into one of the most urgent next steps in The Plan for humanity—how to reconnect with the Soul of the Earth Being and learn to shine our Light in conjunction with her Light, reunited with her Light. Earth herself is calling us to awaken our reconnection, just as God is calling to us in our own hearts. Hear Earth’s messages to humanity in The Road Home Series.