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IF— You are aghast at how extreme divisiveness, violent rhetoric, and injustice have become commonplace instead of cause for great alarm and immediate action

AND IF —You want to know what you can do now to help our country heal

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America In Therapy

We are at a very precarious time in human history that calls for big ideas and even bigger solutions. While we have evolved to a place of incredible intelligence and mastery, we have also developed the means to obliterate ourselves and life as we know it. America in Therapy offers HOPE by sharing the LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS of how we got ourselves out on this ledge, what keeps us here, and what we all can do to restore us to safety.

There is HOPE because in the field of psychology, the same tools we use to heal individuals and families of dysfunction, neglect, and abuse — these same tools can be used to heal a community, a state, and a nation.

Learn more about the true causes of hatred and violence and how you can be part of the solution.