In 1994, A Divine Voice came to me and shared a unique approach to consciousness evolution called the Path of Supreme Surrender. I am offering individual and group work as it was taught to me. The beginning of my journey with this Divine Presence is documented in my first two books of The Road Home Series, A Light in the Darkness and Into the Fire ~ available on Amazon.


#OnTheRoadHome Blog, part three in a series

Sitting by the Stream in Taos Sitting here in the woods in Taos watching a little mama hummingbird perched in her nest on a branch overlooking a rushing mountain stream, I’m falling in love with Mother Earth for the billionth time. I breathe my way into her and I tell...

#OnTheRoadHome Blog, part two in a series

The Road Home Inside Us Just the other day my niece sent me a copy of a little book I had written and illustrated for her as a child. I had no memory of it at all. It was amazing to see pictures I had no recollection of drawing and read a story I had no memory of...

#OnTheRoadHome Blog, the first in a series

The Road Home We Walk Together Back in the sixties it seemed like spiritual growth was a solo practice-- my meditation, my relationship with the guru, my spiritual experiences that I could save up like money in the bank for my one-way trip to Nirvana. Now in my...

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