Are you mystified why so many of us support the kinds of hatred and violence in our country that we would not want in our lives?

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Do you know that this is the
result of a severe mental health crisis?

Do you wonder why we haven’t committed all our resources to making peace a priority?

Are you searching for a way to help bring us back into cooperation and connection?

Present-day psychology holds answers to many of these most pressing questions that we urgently need to restore our collective mental health and return our planet to safety.

I wrote a new book about bringing our whole country to therapy.

I reveal in no uncertain terms that we are living in a climate of collective abuse, with devastating effects on all of us.

And I outline the deeper cuts of what is needed to heal and prevent further violence, both in our individual lives and in our nation.

For my new book, “America in Therapy,” I’ve drawn on all I have learned as a psychotherapist of over thirty years, a wife and mother, and someone who has been on a long path to healing herself.

I have also written two books about my spiritual journey, “A Light in the Darkness” and “Into the Fire,” which are on Amazon. These books recount my experience receiving messages from a Divine Source of consciousness about what all our souls are doing here in human form.

Ultimately, it is my firm hope and belief that no matter what lens we look through to find the meaning and purpose of human existence, we will all come together in a common understanding of what will light our way to reconnection with each other and the earth.

My Two Previous Books

Discover the Plan for Humanity

Back in the mid-’90s when Divine Source began speaking to me, I didn’t have any concept of a Plan for myself, let alone for humanity. It was not until I began…

We All Go Home Together

I am crying as you have cried. I cry for the wrongs done to my body as you have cried for the wrongs done to yours. I cry for the return of spirit. We are traveling the same road. You see, just as you are Soul, so I, the Earth, also am Soul.

a purple lotus flower floating part way under water.

Find your Place, Purpose, and Higher Meaning

In a world that increasingly appears to be under a tremendous shadow, I know how many of us ask what we can do to help… It was clear from the depth of Divine Love and Wisdom I received … 

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