In a world that increasingly appears to be under a tremendous shadow, I know how many of us ask what we can do to help. We want to know what is the meaning of both our personal trials and the pain of humanity. Why does God allow such suffering? What can I as one person truly hope to contribute? We share a deep desire to access our greatest gifts, do everything we can to find the meaning and purpose of our own lives, and be of service to others.

In 1994 a Divine Presence began speaking to me to answer exactly these questions. It was clear from the depth of Divine Love and Wisdom I received over many years that God is present and available now to help us find our Soul’s place and purpose here on Earth. I was told that we have all taken human form to ultimately manifest Divine Love through our finite beings. Although this might appear to be a tall order for a distant future, I was given detailed information on both what makes this so difficult and exactly what is needed to reconnect our consciousness to our Soul’s Light. This, I am told, is a journey we are all making whether we know it or not. We each have a part we have played through lifetimes as personalities, and we each have a role our Souls came to play in bringing God’s Light and Love to all living beings in this lifetime. And our parts and our paths are knowable as never before. Divine Source showed me a road anyone can follow, and I share that with you in The Road Home Series of books.

Uncover Your Soul's Purpose - Personal or Group Session

In addition to The Road Home Series, I am offering individual and group sessions to make available all the wisdom I have been given, which will help you incorporate the tools I have learned to transform the limitations of ego consciousness into Soul consciousness and uncover Soul’s purpose for you in exactly the life you are now living. Through a unique approach to Soul work, including chakra work and meditation, you will find your Soul’s place and purpose, and the meaning of your incarnations.