Divine Meditation 7 – Climate Change

Divine Meditation 7 – Climate Change
All the evolutionary “advances” of the human race — in technology, food production, shelter, medicine, mobility, the building of monumental cultures and civilizations, and your staggering advances in weapons production—all these creations have enabled enormous growth in human potential AND in human population because they allow you to compete more successfully for the perceived supply. However, while you are certainly better equipped to compete, the interdependence required to produce the supply has also grown exponentially. You have come, as a race, to a lawful critical evolutionary juncture where your fierce competition for the resources you need (or think you need) has come face to face with the undeniable necessity for you to work together to survive. IT WILL TAKE AN ENORMOUS EVOLUTIONARY LEAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS TO ADAPT TO THIS NEW WORLD CLIMATE AND SURVIVE.

In ego consciousness, you believe in your separateness and your focus is on the survival of the INDIVIDUAL, whether it is an individual person, nation, ethnic, religious or other group. And it is that focus on the individual without regard to the survival of the Whole that is actually now what is ENSURING your DEMISE as a species.

Your ability to use lethal force on a global scale to get your perceived needs met, along with your widespread inability to take responsibility for the global impact of the use of such force, perpetuates and reinforces your separation from yourselves, from each other, from your Mother Earth and from the Divine, and the result is greater violence and destruction, which are the cause of so much human and planetary suffering today.

The Part must find a new relationship to the Whole.

You see, it is ego consciousness that has created the climate that now threatens to wipe you out, and you are at a peak of climate change. Therefore, the evolutionary leap confronting you is the leap OUT of ego consciousness altogether! Which is only possible through the awakening of your Soul and your true and everlasting connection to all Life. Survival depends on evolving your consciousness now. The cries of pain from your brother and sister human beings and from the Earth herself are all Soul calling you Home—will you hear that call?

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