Divine Meditation 5 – Play of Human Consciousness II

Divine Meditation 5 – Play of Human Consciousness II
Dear God—if, as You say, Good and Evil are illusions created by the Duality of ego consciousness, if we are all players in a cosmic human drama, and each and everyone of us goes Home to God when this play is over, no matter what part we have played–I just fear that Your words could imply that it’s all the same if you are the murderer or the one murdered. Are we not supposed to try to stop the pain and suffering, the injustice and cruelty?

Of course on the most basic level of your human existence you try to stop the murderer or the rapist or the thief. But you must realize that no matter how hard you try you are not always successful. Nevertheless, you will go on trying. As individuals, communities and nations, some of you will go on trying to prevent destructive acts. Of course you will. This is basic survival. But what We are trying to tell you is that there will be no resolution on this level.

You see, different lines of beings were asked and agreed, on a Soul level, to incarnate repeatedly into different parts in the Play. To put it very simply, evolution of human consciousness has required both those who call loudly to certain issues and also those who resist. And within the individual, the same opposing forces are also playing out—Soul calls, ego resists. The process of evolution in your world REQUIRES resistance, just like Sand is required for the creation of the Pearl. Just as there is no play in the theater without a tension of opposites, there is no Play of consciousness without that tension of opposites either. The great variations in the parts you play and all the comparisons and judgments you feel, create great friction, as ego scrambles to have what it wants and values and overcome whatever and whoever it doesn’t want or like.

But on the Road of Return, you learn to leave that Play and you see all that you consider bad and wrong, all that you adamantly dislike, judge and fear, as the very resistance you came to transform and awaken the Light and Love of Soul in you.

You came this time to write a new Play, the Play of Return to Oneness. On the Road of Return, all possible projections of judgment are taken back—consumed within and transformed energetically in order to birth Soul consciousness.

Religion says, “Look for your sins and atone. Look for the sins in others and make them atone and become good.” We say, “Look for God in you and shine the light of Soul everywhere you go. Look for God in others and do everything in your power to let their light shine. Look for God in everyone and everything and get off the Wheel of Karma, and together you light the way Home.

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