Divine Meditation 3 – Immortality

Divine Meditation 3 – Immortality
One day as I was walking, I looked up to see the sun dazzling around the edges of the clouds and soon afterwards I heard the Clouds themselves speak:

“We the clouds exist as a Circle. We are born from water vapor and we give birth to rain and snow and sleet and hail, and they give birth to rivers and oceans who then give birth to water vapor. That is our Circle, and just like a circle, we don’t, in Reality, begin or end anywhere. You, too, are a part of many Circles, and you too, do not begin or end anywhere. But you do not seem to know this.

We ask you, at what precise moment does water vapor become a cloud? You would say when it is visible to the human eye. But we do not see that way. There is no moment when water vapor becomes us, the clouds. We exist as a complete Circle all the time. See with our eyes. The waters of the oceans and the rivers and the lakes, and the vapors that rise from them, and we the clouds, so to speak, and the rain and the hail and the snow—we are one being, one being in a multitude of forms at all times, at the same time, and we know ourselves as that. We may appear to be speaking to you as clouds but we are in our entire Circle in consciousness always. We are Water first and individual manifestations of water only secondarily, only momentarily. It is the same for you. You are Soul first, and individual manifestations of Soul—any and all of your incarnations and personalities, only secondarily, only momentarily. You are now, in this moment, all the forms you have ever been and will ever be in times to come.

So you see, when you so-called die, you are no more gone than a puddle that has evaporated. Believe this. We are here to tell you there is no such thing as death. There is only transformation. Snows melt and puddles evaporate but water is not gone. It is just gone from your particular view in that particular form at that particular time. And when that tomorrow comes when the sun does not rise, and water does not flow, you will be gone away where the energy of the sun and the earth have gone, to take yet another form you cannot now imagine. Do you understand what we are trying to tell you? It isn’t a foreign language we speak, it is only that we speak it in larger circles than you now know.

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