Divine Meditation 2 – Mother Earth

Divine Meditation 2 – Mother Earth
It is 1995. I am listening and I am told that Mother Earth wants to speak to me. I go to a little stream where I am asked to stand in the water. I immediately hear Mother Earth say:
I am crying as you have cried. I cry for the wrongs done to my body as you have cried for the wrongs done to yours. I cry for the return of spirit. We are travelling the same road. You see, just as you are Soul, so I, the Earth, also am Soul.

I am lonely for you, my sister and brother human beings. We were never meant to travel this whole way alone. You were never meant to be without me nor I you.

So I ask you to stand in my flowing water and feel my heart beat. You see, ALL IS SACRED. The water is sacred, the dirt, the rocks, the plants, the animals– all is sacred, holy, a temple unto itself. The Earth, I, am one of the most beautiful temples of God ever manifested. You are to see and feel each atom as a sacred manifestation of the Creator. Live in this.

And then I hear Water say:
This is your Baptism. When you are immersed in Water, OUR RIVERS FLOW AS ONE, you are immersed in the life-blood of the Earth itself. Your consciousness, human consciousness, becomes one with Earth consciousness. That is the level and the scale on which Christ participated in the Divine. The Father is the Infinite, reaching out a hand to the Son, you, the Finite, and the Holy Ghost is all the rest of Creation in which the Father and Son together participate. ALL is God, all, from beginning to end. Baptism is an initiation into this Holy Trinity. Baptism is initiation into Earth consciousness. Just as your Soul calls out to you to return to your true Soul nature, the Soul of the Earth is calling out to you all to join Her in the great process of Planetary Return to Oneness.

You see, We all Return TOGETHER. That is why We cry out to you today to hear Our call. WE ALL RETURN TOGETHER.

Thank you. Thank You.

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