Divine Meditation 14 – Free Will – III

Divine Meditation 14 – Free Will – III
A Divine Meditation 14: Free Will: Part Three

And the Divine continued.

You wanted to know more about what We said about whether the human race will survive, whether you can or will choose to align yourselves as a race with the evolutionary impulse toward Soul consciousness before it is too late. You wonder if it isn’t all known in the Divine Plan what you will do and how it will all come out for human beings and the earth planet. And if it is all known, what does that mean about choice, about willingness or ability to align yourselves with the evolutionary impulse to evolve consciousness? 

As We have said from the very beginning, your “choice,” so to speak, is to choose what has already been chosen. In the microcosm, that means you choose consciously the life you actually have with its circumstances, challenges, issues, difficulties, blessings, gifts, opportunities and joys. This is already a huge act of alignment because most of you think you or others should have a different life or a better life or more of this and less of that. This one step is already a huge leap out of Duality, one of many steps, of course. As you move along your path, you realize that this principle—that your true choice is to choose what has already been chosen–applies not only to you as an individual, but to you as a race of beings. And it applies not only to your present life and present life circumstances but also to your entire history of incarnation and even beyond that. The issue of choosing what has already been chosen opens into ever-widening circles of being and existence and meaning and purpose. It starts with your personal part in the Play of ego, and the more you move toward the awakening of Soul in you, the less choice has any meaning for you. Choice becomes a thing of the past, because there is less and less to choose between or choose from. When the Love of God fills you and directs you, there is no desire to choose anything else, no desire except to answer the call of Soul and God to manifest Divine Love for all beings on Earth while in your finite body. And that is less a desire and more a dynamic, evolutionarily charged state of being.

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