Divine Meditation 10 – Understanding White Magic II

Divine Meditation 10 – Understanding White Magic II
A Divine Meditation on Understanding White Magic, Pt. II

When We say that eating without permission is lawful, We are not justifying predatory behavior. What We are saying has nothing to do with justification or condemnation or judgment of any kind. It is simply a fact that eating without permission—any level or degree of exploitation, manipulation, or force — is what you can expect from ego consciousness. This you must know if you want to make different choices and effect real change in your lives and in your world.

At the same time, eating from one another can be as creative as it can be destructive. Man’s need and desire to eat on all levels has generated a great thirst for knowledge, for emotional depth and understanding, and it has led to the development of stunning technologies to meet your ever-expanding survival needs. It has impelled you to put your heads and your hearts together to birth systems and mechanisms no one individual could create alone. It is responsible for the development of art, architecture, science, education, medicine, agriculture, a wide variety of cultures, spiritual pursuits, psychology, and much, much more.

AND, this urgent need to eat from one another on all levels is exactly how ego consciousness intensifies. Ego’s innate sense of separateness and focus on the self generates intense competition –physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional and spiritual—intense competition for more and better, powered by the animal instinct to Dominate to get those needs met. You see? The animal instinct to compete, dominate and subdue “other” has you eating from each other with or without consent on all these levels. And the tension in this Play of “eat or be eaten” keeps you scrambling not to be the one “eaten.”

The Law of Eating is one of the most powerful ways the dense web of Karma is created and sustained.
On the Road of Return, the road from separation back to Oneness, the Law of Eating will be illuminated and transformed. The food you eat will be taken primarily from YOUR OWN LIFE experience, not from others. The energy extracted from digesting your own experience is the energy that takes one Home to the Creator.

On the Road of Return, the eating you do, will be by consent only, and only for highest good of all. The eating you do will be by consent only and only for the highest good of all.

This is White Magic.

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