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this new book is about bringing America to therapy, in which I emphasize the urgency to bring our whole country to therapy in a way never written about before. This book is for all of us who fear for the safety and well-being of our children and all future generations, who may feel hopeless or resigned or simply don’t know what to do to help create a more loving and sustainable world. I bring a message of both urgency and hope, in language the layman can easily relate to and understand, through personal stories, client case studies, and professional expertise. I explore the direct correlation between the most destructive family dynamics on the individual level and many of the behaviors and actions of some of our most powerful institutions and leaders, while I also make it clear that there is HOPE, that the field of psychotherapy holds many answers of how to heal our human relations and restore us to peace and safety, answers that can be taken into national conversation and adapted to national policy. My new book comes out of years of experience as both a therapist and someone who has made her own healing journey. and my goal is to illustrate in the most heartfelt way that every one of us can participate in healing ourselves and our country, no matter how large or small our sphere of influence.

Availability of my new book to be announced…

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