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It doesn’t have to be this way!

There are well-known and highly effective alternatives to partisanship, violent rhetoric, outright aggression, and the horrors of a win-lose paradigm. The best of what psychology has to offer is known to help reduce and even eliminate conflict and restore connection and cooperation. America in Therapy is dedicated to bringing this healing agenda and the tools needed to implement it out of the therapy office and into the national conversation.

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America In Therapy

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What you don’t know is that the answers to these most urgent questions are not to be found in partisan political ideologies, as so many of us have been led to believe. What you haven’t heard before is that the root cause of all these terrifying symptoms is psychological; it is a product of the rapid decline in our collective mental health.

What you haven’t heard before is that all we know in the field of psychology about how to treat and prevent violence and abuse in families can be directly applied to healing our nation. The bad news is that we are not using what we know; the good news is that it is not too late to find out and change courses.

America in Therapy sheds entirely new light on both the causes and cures of our greatest national threats from violence and the belief in war, from a uniquely psychological perspective grounded in my thirty plus years of experience treating families, individuals, couples and children.

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