Into the Fire

About the Book
Does a belief in Good and Evil ultimately serve us? Where has it gotten us?

Into the Fire  continues the chronicle of Phyllis Leavitt’s conversations with Divine Source that started in 1994 as detailed in A Light in the Darkness, Book One of The Road Home Series. Book Two of the series shines a light on Good and Evil and on the Divine meaning and purpose of all human struggle.

Phyllis stands in the fire of her truth and shares her raw and emotional story of personal struggle. She questions what her Soul came here to learn from everything that is playing out on the entire Earth. The answers come through her faithful transcriptions of what Divine Source told her about life, the human condition and our common journey from separation to reunion, from Darkness to Light, from the war of Duality to the Oneness of Divine Love.

Into the Fire teaches us how to step out of our bondage to the right and wrong of What Is, to see Teacher in everything, and to see what there is for us to learn from What Is rather than judge it.

In this book, Phyllis asks Divine Source many questions crucial for this era, especially: How do we get out of the war between Good and Evil that has the potential to kill us all? The answers are the White Magic that will save the planet and everyone on it.


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