A Light In The Darkness

About the Book
A Light In The Darkness is a gift that was given to me. It is the story of my personal journey from Darkness into Light, from being absolutely no one in particular—a lonely, depressed single mother with a history of abuse—to becoming exactly the same person but reborn into a different consciousness of not only myself but also the Universe.

On December 10, 1994, I had a remarkable experience. I was in therapy, deep in the darkness of terrible memories from childhood. I was as far from any sense of the Divine as I would have thought possible, when suddenly a delicate, rhythmic, otherworldly vibration of light began to pulsate in my forehead. Love and life-giving energy vibrated down my throat and into my heart. Golden light filled me. Then the vibration enveloped me from the outside, rippling in huge waves around my entire body. I heard this message, “There is a God. This is God and this is how you know God.” The same voice said, “Surrender totally. Surrender everything– your pain, your practice, your children, your preconceptions of how things should be and what should happen. Surrender your life. Give it to God.” Golden light shone down from a point inside the top of my head. Then “Nothing is yours. This is how you find happiness. I’m showing you the Way. In this moment, it is golden and completely unobstructed. You will carve the Way out of the stones and dirt of real life experience. It will not always look golden, but remember this. Don’t ever look at life the same way again. Make Surrender your practice.”

BuyNow From Amazon The Road HomeGod spoke to me. Although I had prayed for God’s help, I was totally unprepared to have that prayer answered. I believed in the God within, but I never actually thought I would experience it. On that day, my personal journey unexpectedly became the doorway into another realm. Three months later this voice of God returned and wrote through my hand as I was writing in my journal. After that, all I had to do was ask a question and God and Soul would be there immediately with answers that blew open my “educated” East Coast mind and the limited pictures of “healing” I had hoped to achieve. “They” had something to say to all of us human beings about what we are doing here in human form, what the Soul purpose is behind all our struggles, and how we can participate in Return to Oneness through the transformation of the exact challenges we face.

Everything in this book is much larger and more universal than anything Phyllis Leavitt is capable of, much more Divinely Loving and Wise than anything Phyllis Leavitt could or would ever want to take credit for herself.

It was as if a Light was turned on and I was shown that within the agony and fear, my Soul was waiting to reveal its Divine meaning and purpose. God’s Light did not “rescue” me from anything lying in my path, but even so, I was changed forever. I was set on a road. I call it the Road Home.

It was an unusual miracle. My Light not only lit up the Darkness I was living in, it wanted to tell me about it. It walked me through the very same landscape I had been clawing my way through in the dark again, but this time with the consciousness of my Soul as a loving guide. I had already done many years of therapy. I thought I had gone as far as I could go into the underworld of myself, but I was taken down once more while the Light was held steadily for me, even when I lost my faith, again and again.

The God I found lovingly and patiently walked me through a frightening journey covering lifetimes, all the while showing me how it was that my Soul came cloaked in this person Phyllis and why I faced the particular trials of my particular life. I was shown the patterns my soul came to transform, but more importantly, I was shown the bigger picture of what Soul intended by taking on human form in the first place. God wanted to help me convert the pain and challenges of Phyllis’s experience into Soul Consciousness and become a vehicle for Divine Love. And in one way or another, each according to his own individual path, that seemed to be the ultimate purpose for us all—to carve out our own place in the expression of Divine Love on earth.

In the process, an amazing depth and breadth of information was shared with me. I was shown the laws that govern our ego consciousness. I was told about the different energies held in the chakras and how to discover one’s soul path through an understanding of the chakras. I was told about the soul of the earth and earth chakras. I was given specific meditations to convert ego energy into illuminated soul energy. All of this and much much more They called The Way of Supreme Surrender.

The heart of my book is this— the Divine wants to manifest in relationship to us all. It has a Wisdom it wants to share with human beings. God wants to help us find our way Home. My greatest wish, beyond sharing all the particulars of the Light that was shed on our human journey—my greatest wish is that through these pages, the Divine Love that was given so freely to me will vibrate in your heart and light your way.


There is no way to fit all of my writing into one book, so this book is the first of several. What is written here is, in some ways, an introduction to the building body of knowledge and understanding about our Soul’s journey here on earth as it was shared with me.

BuyNow From Amazon The Road Home

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