Phyllis E. Leavitt M.A.

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Phyllis Leavitt

Writing has always been my path and my practice. For most of my life I have sought deeper connection in some form—to myself, a higher consciousness, and a greater understanding of the meaning and purpose of human existence. I have participated in a wide variety of spiritual practices, healing modalities, a deep connection to nature and art, and in the blessings and challenges of relationship and motherhood. I became a psychotherapist over thirty years ago and did many years of therapy myself. Through it all, writing has been my constant companion and guide. It has gotten me through the darkest times in my life, brought me the greatest wisdom and fulfillment, and it is now my primary creative pursuit and the way I seek to share all that has been given to me. I have written two books about my spiritual journey—A Light in the Darkness and Into the Fire— and I have just completed my third book about bringing America to therapy. Both my inner work and all my psychological experience over many years, have taught me that, for the most part, we are as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy as our human environment and the family systems we live and participate in. Some of us make it out of the most abusive conditions despite a lack of support or a map to follow, but many of us do not, and what I have found is that we are all at risk from abuses that go unchecked and continually fuel a cycle of violence. My new book is dedicated to helping make common knowledge everything I have learned about how we can repair our fractured human relations in ways we can all implement in the lives we currently live. My deepest wish is that we both understand the severity of the dangers we face from escalating divisiveness, hatred, and violence, and, at the same time, feel hopeful that no matter what our sphere of influence, we can each play a meaningful part in restoring ourselves to peace, safety and caring reconnection to one another. My deepest hope is that together we bring to the Family of America the same healing we are learning to bring to individual families— and thus to all our children, who will inherit everything we leave them.


Phyllis Leavitt lives with her husband inTaos, NM. She has three amazing grown children and three beautiful grandchildren and is a lover of art, nature and gardening. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling from Antioch University and has had a private psychotherapy practice for over thirty years. She is recently retired and is now focused on writing.

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